Saying Hello

welcoming a new member to the family is always a blessing.  Welcome that new member with a small Family Blessing Ceremony, Dedication or Baptism.  We offer many styles of ceremonies to suit your needs.  All of our Ceremonies include a complimentery Certificate.

  1. Affusion Baptism/Dedication
    Affusion Baptism/Dedication $100
    $100 - For the young dedications and baptisms this style of baptism will start you or your child off on the right path for a walk with God.  Affusion is a baptism style in which water is drizzled over the head as a symbol of dedication to God.  For more details please contact One of our celebrants.
  2. Immersion Baptism
    Immersion Baptism $200
    $200 - A full Immersion Baptism for the baptism of those who wish to experience a baptism like Jesus. Immersion resembles the washing away of the old life. This is done in a full body of water. For more information please contact one of our celebrants.
  3. Blessings - $50
    Blessings - $50
    Your addition is here! We would love to come and bless your family.