Get the answers to some of your most pondered questions here.  If you don't see your question and answer here, please feel free to contact us, ask your question and get it posted on here.  there are no weird, dumb or crazy questions.

Q:  Do you provide the marriage license?

A:  No.  In the state of Oregon the officiant is NOT allowed to issue a marriage license to any couple.  Your marriage license must be obtained in a  county clerks         office.  Please see the link below for a list of County Clerk Offices and their links. 

Q:  How do you conduct a consult if we are out of town or state?

A:  We offer our consults in three different methods.  One is over the phone, the other is videochat.  If you are close to salemor are willing to travel we have in 
       person consults at the Broadway Coffeehouse where we reserve a meeting room to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

Q:  Do we travel?

A:  YES! We travel all over Oregon and into SW Washington.

Q:  Do you have a travel Fee?

A:  Yes we have a small travel fee of $0.50/mile.

Q:  Do we know of any good places for a ceremony?

A:  YES!  Over the years we have worked at many great Venues and our most trusted and favorite ones are listed under Venues on our Prefered Vendors Page.

Q:  What are your prices?

A:  Our packages and prices are listed on our "wedding packages and prices" Page.

Q:  How long has the officiant been performing ceremonies?

A:  There are three Officiants that make up A Decent Proposal.  To find out more about our officiants you can click on the "Meet our Officiants" button up on
       search bar.

Q:  How long do our ceremonies last?

A:  Our ceremonies run roughly about 20 - 30 Minutes depending on what type of ceremony you are wanting and if you add in any extras like Unity sand or
       unity Candle.

Q:  Will the officiant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Can you include religious touches if desired?

A:  Your ceremony is just that ... YOURS!  You get to decide what music to play.  You have the choice of either using one of our vow scripts or writing your own. 
       We do ask that if you write your own vows that we get a copy of those vows before the ceremony so that if your copy gets misplaced we have you covered.

Q:  Is the officiant available for a ceremony rehearsal?

A:  Yes.  We are always available for a rehearsal.  HOWEVER, we may not always be available for a rehearsal the day before the wedding.  Please ask your
       Officinat if he or she is available.

Q:  Would the officiant (and his/her spouse) like to come to the reception and rehearsal dinner ?

A:  Each Officiant is different but here at A Decent Proposal, we do appreciate the offer to stay for the reception and may stay if asked but for the most part we
       kindly deny with gratidute for the invite.
County Clerk Offices